What is DASH7

The DASH7 Alliance Protocol (D7A) is an Open Standard for bi-directional, sub-Ghz medium range wireless communication tailored for ultra lower sensor-actuator applications using private networks. D7A stems from ISO 18000-7 for Active RFID and operates in the sub-GHz ISM bands. The protocol specification is free to use without any patent or licence requirements. You can freely download the latest D7A version 1.2 specifications from this website.

Sensors will securely report events and actuators can receive commands with a typical latency of 1 second while consuming only 30 uA on average. It’s local synchronisation and smart addressing features allow to upgrade thousands of sensors simultaneously, drastically reducing the upgrade time.

D7A fills the gap between the Short and the Large Area Networks. D7A excels in urban and industrial network installations connecting actuators and messaging applications (sensors, alarms, states) with ranges up to 500 m.

more information can be found on the DASH7 Alliance website.

Why DASH7?

DASH7 really focusses on battery lifetime while still maintaining a long range and low latency on both down- and uplink. The protocol itself is fully open source and open for discussion and is already deployed in some production environments. It would serve as a great option for countless solutions but still lacks the awareness of the community.