A company, started by two passionate hardware and embedded developers, directed to enthusiasts and Philomaths! This project leans on the Sub-IoT Stack, an opensource implementation of the DASH7 Alliance protocol. Together with a new basic implementation of ALP in Arduino to forward the data over MQTT.

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Long distance communication

DASH7 supports bidirectional push and pull communication over large distances.

Low power

This implementation allows for multi year battery lifetime, without giving up on low latency downlink communication.


Can be fully recharged using a Micro-USB cable.


Our boards are reprogrammable without any specialised tools.

Six sensors, three buttons

The Push7 has sensors for Humidity, Temperature, Movement, Light, Acceleration and Magnetic difference (hall effect) together with three programmable user buttons.

Fully open source

LiQuiBit is using only fully open source code, available for everyone on Github.